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Market Research Services

Gain Deeper Customer Insights to Fuel Your AgTech & Sustainability Innovation

Your Solution Requires Data-Driven Market Research

It could be tempting to adopt a spray-and-pray approach - make business decisions based on assumptions and hope you made the right call.
However, from our experience, guesses are usually wrong in a competitive business like yours.

Without dedicated market research, you risk:

Developing solutions that are not aligned with real customer needs. Your assumptions may be off-target, leading to the development of unwanted features.

Pricing and selling to the wrong customer segments. You may underserve your best-fit buyers and overspend on disappointing targets.​

Messaging that doesn’t resonate. Your positioning could fail to connect if not informed by data on your audience’s pain points and desires.

Investing in the wrong growth strategies. Your marketing tactics and roadmap suffer without competitive intelligence.

Grow Sustainably with Comprehensive Agriculture Market Research

How does it feel to dive into a venture without a deep knowledge of the market, your competitors, and the end users?

The Consequences are Severe: Failure to Validate Ideas, Disconnected Messaging, and Misallocation of Limited Resources. Without a thorough research, you risk:

Wasted resources building unwanted features. This kills product/market fit.

Brand messaging that misses the mark, resulting in low conversion and growth.

Chasing down the wrong strategic opportunities. Your time and money fire down dead ends.​

35% of startups fail due to no market need for their product or service. Don’t be one of them.

eAgroTect: Where Ingenuity and Purpose Unite

We aren’t just another generic lead generation agency. eAgroTect was born from a sincere calling: to bridge the gap between AgTech and sustainability innovators like you and the people your solutions serve.

Every team member believes to their core in the power of technology to create a brighter future. We live and breathe the AgTech and sustainability space because we know how crucial it is to save our world from the impact of climate change.

Custom Market Research from Agriculture & Environmental Sustainability Experts

Our team of experienced agriculture market research analysts immerses themselves in your industry to deliver custom intelligence tailored to your AgTech and environmental sustainability startup’s needs.

Here is what you get when you collaborate with us for your market research:

Who are your closest competitors, and how do you compare?
We analyze positioning, features, pricing, and more.
We identify weaknesses to exploit and areas where you can differentiate.
We conduct in-depth interviews and surveys to build detailed buyer persona profiles, their demographics, challenges, motivations, and buying criteria.
We test your product concepts and messaging with real potential users.
We collect user feedback to identify your strongest and weakest selling points.
What content are your competitors producing? What performs best? What format does your target audience prefer?
We analyze content types, topics, formats, promotion channels, and engagement.
We uncover expand-revenue and acquisition channel opportunities tailored to your solution and buyer journey.
M&A targets, strategic partnerships, distribution channels, and more.

How Does Our Market Research Benefit Your AgTech & Sustainability Startup?

Build products that perfectly fit your customers' needs. Align features, UI, and capabilities.

Craft messaging that truly resonates. Optimize positioning, promotion, and sales presentations.

Identify and capture high-potential growth channels. Focus time and resources on opportunities with the best ROI.

Make strategic decisions backed by complex data. Validate ideas and avoid risky assumptions.

Looking to Optimize Your Existing Market Research?

Did you conduct market research during the previous stage of your solution and are now contemplating an update?  Markets shift rapidly. One-time research has a short shelf life.

We recommend continuous research reviews as markets evolve and your startup grows. Ongoing market research ensures you continually realign your strategy with changing buyer needs, new competitors, emerging technologies, and other industry developments.

Let Us Handle the Heavy Lifting to Keep You Steps Ahead

Our agriculture market research services lift a huge burden off your already stretched marketing team’s shoulders. As agriculture and environmental specialists, we know exactly where and how to uncover the intelligence you need to expedite informed decision-making.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your startup’s biggest market research needs. Our team is ready to jump in so you can stay focused on your core mission.