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Boost Your Ad Conversion with AgTect & Sustainability Marketing Experts

Are you tired of wasting your marketing budget on advertising that fails to convert? You may have tried different platforms, but the result is still unimpressive. Perhaps the problem is not about the medium but your failure to segment your target audience

At eAgrotect, we help AgTech and environment sustainability startups optimize their return on ads investment. Our first-hand experience engaging farmers, sustainability-driven companies, and other stakeholders makes us the perfect marketing agency to handle your paid advertising.

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Data and Psychology-Driven Ads Strategy

Did you know? 93.89% of ads don’t convert. There are many reasons for ad conversion failure, from insufficient target audience data to poor customer segmentation and low-quality written ad copy. You might be tempted to set up an ad campaign on your own, hire an average ad expert on marketplaces, or partner with a generic marketing agency with zero knowledge of agriculture and sustainability.

When you work with us at eAgroTect, you can rest assured of data-driven ad decisions etched in consumer psychology. We employ the most intense analytical and A/B testing marketing approach to ensure your ad campaign drives the right result.

Customized Ad Messaging for Ideal Customer Profiles

Have you ever launched an ad campaign only to get inquiries from people who don’t need or cannot afford your solutions? The consequence? Wasted ad budget, poor conversion, and frustration. That’s why you need agriculture marketing experts like us.  

Beyond targeting the right audience, we invest time into identifying your precise ideal customer profiles, buyer personas, and buying stage. Our curated and cleaned data informs our decision on the best platform, channel, and ad strategy to deploy. We also take time to test and validate our hypothesis before launching a full-scale ad campaign to help you save costs.

Are you tired of guesswork in ad campaigns?

Proven Strategies for Long-Term Customer Retention

Many deploy ads as a customer acquisition strategy without having a plan for customer retention. And a 5% increase in customer retention can boost profits by up to 75%. 

At eAgroTect, getting your innovative products and services to your target audience is the first part of our ad campaign. However, we understand you want to keep your customers as long as possible and even convert them to brand advocates. We focus on the ultimate goal and don’t consider generated traffic the only yardstick for our ad campaign success. 

You’ll get strategic customer retention tactics as part of our advertising package.

Prioritizing Profitability Over Revenue

Many startups fail not because they can’t drive revenue but because they achieve it at the expense of profitability. Pulling the numbers can help boost your ego as an AgTech or environmental sustainability founder. However, as a sustainable-driven marketing agency, we prioritize ensuring you remain profitable in the long run.

Thus, we identify the best way to integrate inbound and outbound marketing strategies, paid and organic, customer acquisition and retention for sustainable ad campaigns. Our multi-channel marketing strategies combine the best of both worlds to optimize profitability. 

Our Step-By-Step Approach to Optimized Paid Ads

Conduct in-depth research to gain a crystal clear picture of your ideal target audience and buyer personas so we can engage the right people who need your solutions.
Leverage our analytics and testing to determine the optimal social platforms, search engines, display networks, and other channels to allocate your ad budget.
Craft compelling ad copy, images, and videos tailored to resonate with your audience and drive maximum conversions.
Monitor campaign analytics continuously, optimizing bids, budgets, targeting, and creatives in real time to improve results.

Conversion Funnel Analysis

Stop Wasting Money - Invest in Smart Paid Ads

Your ad should do more than bring customers or even convert leads. It should optimize customer retention and maximize your profitability while saving your budget. Ready to implement sustainable ad strategies for your AgTech or sustainability startup?